Seewiese Altaussee

Seewiese Altaussee

The world’s most beautiful cul-de-sac

Friedrich Torberg raved about the "world’s most beautiful cul-de-sac". And how right he was: The Seewiese is a unique place with a mysterious power.

Writers such as Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and Arthur Schnitzler also found the inspiration to write their masterpieces here – resulting in the Altausseer lake being dubbed “the Styrian ink pot".

The taste of the Ausseerland

Turning simple snacks into delicious feasts, we put our love for local ingredients into every dish and pay tribute to traditional recipes that have always been an essential part of the Salzkammergut.

Our Menu

This is where the music plays.

The dance floor has been part of the Seewiese since the beginning. Our guests are encouraged to play, sing, dance or hop (like on Whit Sunday Pentecost) to their heart’s content.